Our history

“I was born with my window practically looking out over the company. So there was no need to explain something that was part of my daily life. I knew dad made furniture”

Maria Cristina Piovesana,
Chair and CEO of Alf Group

A long history

In 1951, in an area traditionally linked with working with wood, through the initiative of a group of young carpenters, the artisan cooperative ALF (Artigiana Legno Francenigo) was born. In 1957 the two Piovesana brothers took over ownership, transforming it into an industrial concern. In the ‘80s, with the acquisition of the Da Frè company, the distinctive characteristics of Alf DaFrè today were consolidated: a company rooted in the local area, founded on skilled cabinetmaking, and orientated towards aesthetic research.


Over the years Alf has gathered together all the tools and equipment for working with wood, in an awe-inspiring collection, created with a sense of respect and pride for the skilful world of furniture manufacture. There are 600 planes in that collection. Alf has an accurate picture of the future with a solid base in the past. So we have set up the concourses of our companies like museums, with a collection of antique carpentry tools. The collection shows the history of our land and the tradition of Italian know-how.