Living area furniture

Modern living area furniture

Each piece in our ranges of designer furniture created for the dining, living and bedroom areas tells its own story, with its own inspiration. Conceived by exceptional designers, or born from the experience of our in-house team of designers, each individual piece for the living area sold by Alf DaFrè reflects our principles of quality and Italian style, and our passion for living.

The main features of the furniture for the living room and other parts of the living area are their quality and the fact that made to measure comes at no extra cost for the modular ranges and fitted wardrobes: a distinctive element whose foundations lie in our years of history, our experience and the new technologies that we use for making designer furniture.

Designer living area compositions
Living area
Living area compositions
Designer occasional tables for the living room
Living area
Occasional tables

Modern living area furniture

Every area of the house deserves to carry out its specific function through furniture that makes it a better place. So our objective is to offer solutions for Total Living, from the furniture to furnish the modern living area to the furniture for the bedroom area.

The furniture in the living area is part of our everyday life and must, therefore, reflect the needs and inclinations of the people who live in that space every day. The large variety of finishes and different configurations means that each living area, such as lounges and sitting rooms, can be furnished with furniture that fits in with the design of the rest of the house.

Energised by the need to promote new materials and meet new everyday requirements, we add an assortment of different new proposals to our existing catalogue every year. The guiding thread that brings together all our furniture for a modern living area is quality: in manufacture, thanks to our history deeply rooted in traditional craftsmanship, and in design, entrusted to refined, innovative design visions.

Open space living area furniture

Thanks to its being so very modular, Alf DaFrè’s living room furniture can divide up spaces to create areas that are open but have well-defined functionalities. Made-to-measure furniture, which we offer at the same cost as a standard item, satisfies any design need, from a studio apartment to solutions on a larger scale. In addition, the quantity and types of finishes means that the aesthetic look and price band can be varied a lot: each piece of designer living room furniture brings out the various facets of made-to-measure, adapting itself to any design need.

Complements, sofas, sideboards and cabinets, chairs, living area compositions, dining room tables and occasional tables for the living room: each element is combined, matched and moulded in Alf’s real Total Living.Here at Alf DaFrè the concept of Total Living is expressed in how all of our designer furniture collections can be combined. Not only that: all the materials and finishes are coordinated with those of Valdesign’s modern kitchens, for total furnishing of the whole house. Finishes, shapes and ideas can be combined with each other to create new design possibilities, the expression of different, mesmerising forms of furnishing.