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Bedroom wardrobe with swinging doors

Wardrobes with swinging doors are a classic, versatile option for furnishing the bedroom.
They are an excellent solution when you want to check all of the wardrobe’s contents at once, because a bedroom wardrobe with swinging doors means the doors don’t overlap.

Modern wardrobes with swinging doors can have clean lines, neutral colours, but can also be customised with more assertive colours, with glass or with mirrors. Alf DaFrè wardrobes with swinging doors come in a wide range of configurations, finishes and modular builds.

Anta battente
Bedroom area
Anta battente

The different options with modern wardrobes with swinging doors

If you don’t need a lot of space for storage and for keeping clothes and items you use every day, you can opt for a wardrobe with two swinging doors or one with 4 swinging doors. These wardrobes offer ample space for keeping your clothes, bed linen, towels and much more. If your bedroom is small, a wardrobe with 6 swinging doors might not be suitable, but plenty of more compact solutions are available.

Our wardrobes with swinging doors often express the vision of renowned designers, who enhance our collections with their creations. Alternatively, our modern wardrobes with swinging doors and coat cupboard are conceived and created by our in-house designers, who accentuate their practical and aesthetic functions taking the experience of Alf DaFrè’s history as their starting point.

High quality materials for Alf DaFrè’s modern wardrobes with swinging doors

All the parts and materials for our modern wardrobes with swinging doors are top quality. For example, our hinges, made of state-of-the-art materials, are tested for over 80,000 opening cycles and guarantee longevity and reliability over time.