Coplanar door

Wardrobe with coplanar opening

Wardrobes with coplanar doors are an ideal solution for those looking for a modern, functional design. Wardrobes with coplanar doors have doors that slide parallel to the wardrobe itself, without taking up any more space in the room, precisely because of their coplanar opening.

Wardrobes with coplanar sliding doors are greatly valued because they are so versatile. Thanks to their frame, they can be used as partitions in open space areas or as coat cupboards. What’s more, their minimalist design makes them ideal for contemporary decor.

Coplanar door
Bedroom area
Coplanar door

How a coplanar sliding wardrobe works

Alf DaFrè’s coplanar opening mechanism allows the panels to be on the same plane, with no visible steps, when the wardrobe is closed. When a door is opened, the panel slides over the other panel in a linear, elegant movement, and vice versa.

Wardrobes with coplanar doors are a practical solution where there isn’t much space available. Coplanar wardrobes do not require the space needed for opening doors, as is necessary, on the other hand, for wardrobes with swinging doors. What’s more, their design allows a sense of order and cleanliness to be achieved in any room.

To sum up, wardrobes with coplanar doors are a modern, functional solution for furnishing the house. They suit any style and offer many advantages in terms of space and practicality.