Modern wooden double beds

Wooden beds are a classic, elegant choice for furnishing the bedroom. Their natural beauty and the strength of the material make wooden designer double beds the ideal solution for those looking for top quality furniture that lasts a long time. 

In particular, modern wooden double beds combine the beauty of natural wood with innovative and original designs. These wooden beds go perfectly with any furnishing style, giving the bedroom a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere. 

Alf DaFrè’s wooden beds come in various sizes and configurations, all of which can be fully customised with the wide range of Alf DaFrè finishes.

Modern wooden double beds
Bedroom area

Double wooden beds with storage and designer wooden beds: lots of options with Alf DaFrè 

For those looking for a functional, practical solution, double wooden beds with storage are the ideal choice. Thanks to the compartment underneath, these wooden beds let you make full use of the space in the bedroom, creating a place where you can store sheets, blankets and other things. 

Wooden designer double beds are the ideal solution for those looking for designer decor. Thanks to the original shapes and the skilled work, these wooden beds are characterised by a perfect harmony of aesthetics and functionality. 

The combination of wood and leather is an ideal choice for those looking for high quality luxury furniture. Double beds in wood and leather give the bedroom a sophisticated and refined ambience thanks to the perfect synergy between the two materials. 

Thanks to the vast range of models, materials and finishes available, these beds adapt perfectly to any style, creating a warm welcoming atmosphere of timeless elegance.