THE ITALIAN HOME: Alf DaFrè’s new complements collection

Discover the vast array of ideas, colours and sensations for your Italian Home, designed by Alf DaFrè.

Stylish elegance, versatile layouts and plenty of customisation options: the new complements collections combine outstanding Italian manufacturing with inspiration from the world of contemporary design.

The new photographic catalogues play with two radically different settings, with the aim of flaunting the versatility of Alf DaFrè’s complements range.
On the one hand, there’s Palazzo Giacomelli. A prestigious 17th century Venetian villa adorned with stucco work, frescoes and rich inlaid wooden flooring, oozing Italian artisanal skill.
On the other, contemporary design-centric products, displaying Alf DaFrè’s very best chromatic and stylistic savoir faire.
Discover the vast array of ideas, colours and sensations for your Italian Home, designed by Alf DaFrè. 
These include the new Gioberg cabinet, designed by Gordon Guillaumier and inspired by Giò Ponti’s Pirelli skyscraper, and the Dama cabinet, with its distinctive checkboard door and profile handle, perfectly combining wood and ceramic.
The new tables include Esse, with its tops made from glass (transparent or Grigio), oak, Fashion Wood and ceramic, adding a unique elegance to the dining space. It pairs perfectly with the new sinuous, sculptural seat, Tina.
Another new entry is the Adamo table. Designed by Bruna Vaccher, it is synonymous with style and functionality: extendable, available with a wooden or ceramic top, it fits in any space, large or small.
There are two new pieces in the seating selection. The first is Land, a sofa designed by Enrico Cesana, with reclinable cushions, a platform upholstered in fabric or leather, and a seat available in two widths (85 and 110). Personalise your space further with an additional module that can serve as an elegant side table.
The other new model is Sobi. Available as both sofas and chairs, and designed by Gordon Guillaumier, Sobi has soft, organic shapes providing maximum comfort.
Be inspired by our collections set in stunning Palazzo Giacomelli and discover how you, too, can create unique spaces. 

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