Milan Design Week 2024: Alf DaFrè presents “Private view”

Alf DaFrè will be presenting “Private view” at Milan Design Week 2024 on 16-21 April, offering an exclusive preview of Alf DaFrè’s design philosophy. It will provide a chance to dive into the brand’s relationship with designer Gordon Guillaumier and discover its new take on the Poker wardrobe collection.

For the first time in seventy years of history, Alf DaFrè will be experiencing Design Week at its flagship store in Corso di Porta Romana (on the corner of Via Rugabella).
Some 800 m2 of display space will tell a tale not limited to the products alone, but which instead seeks to narrate Alf DaFrè’s design philosophy.

The setup, entitled PRIVATE VIEW, takes a close look at the company’s approach: Alf DaFrè’s philosophy is people-centric and its collections highly customisable, designed to give domestic spaces an identity. Interspersing them with distinctive complements takes the story to an even deeper level.

This unprecedented narrative choice will result in an exhibition of Alf DaFrè’s two worlds: one floor will be dedicated to an iconic complement, exploring the design genesis and creative contribution of Maltese designer Gordon Guillaumier, with the presentation of a monograph dedicated to him and of a new collection he has designed for Alf DaFrè.

The other floor will focus on a series of new features for the Poker wardrobe collection – a collection Alf DaFrè defines as Beyond the Wardrobe. From a simple unit, it has been transformed into a multipurpose storage solution. This versatile collection offers design freedom and countless customisation options.

Since this will be the first time Alf DaFrè is taking part in Milan Design Week in the city, there’ll be more going on than just the flagship store exhibition. Alf DaFrè will open a pop-up store spanning over 200 m2 in the Brera Design District, in collaboration with partner bredaquaranta. One whole floor of one of the most popular spaces at Milan Design Week will be dedicated entirely to Alf DaFrè, showcasing the brand’s collections, complements and all the latest products and features.

We look forward to seeing you there and taking you into the world of Alf DaFrè.