Modular beds

Modular beds are a versatile, functional solution for furnishing a bedroom. Because they are modular, these beds can be customised and adapted to meet the requirements of each particular room in terms of space and style.

Modular double beds are designed for people who want to customise their bedroom area. Because so many different elements can be added, these beds adapt perfectly to each room’s requirements of space and style. 

 In general, modular beds are the ideal solution for furnishing the bedroom in a customised, functional and sustainable way. Because they are so versatile and can be customised, these beds can adapt to any requirements of space and style, offering a restful experience and unique, customised decor.

Modular beds
Bedroom area

Alf DaFrè modular beds 

Alf DaFrè offers a range of modular beds blending wooden or upholstered platforms with their expertise in creating and producing boiserie and wall panels.Infinite combinations along with the big plus of made to measure being at no extra cost: this marks out some models we manufacture. 

 Alf DaFrè’s modular beds were created to give you full compositional freedom in the bedroom area. There is a free choice of sizes, finishes, types of platform, and accessories for our modular beds. We even let you choose between wooden boiserie panels, upholsteries, wooden or padded platforms, with divan or on feet.
Alf DaFrè also offers a vast range of accessories, from storage units to shelves, accessories in metal or glass, LED lighting or spotlights, specially designed mirrors and much more.