Designer upholstered beds

Upholstered beds are an elegant, sophisticated choice for furnishing the bedroom. Thanks to their softness and the variety of fabrics available, modern upholstered beds go perfectly with any furnishing style. 

In particular, upholstered beds with storage are a functional, practical solution in small rooms. These upholstered double beds with storage let you make full use of the space under the bed, creating an area where you can keep sheets, blankets and other things. 

Upholstered beds are the perfect choice for those who want to create a refined, sophisticated ambience. Thanks to the variety of fabrics, from the very traditional to the very bold, these upholstered double beds suit any personal taste. Alf DaFrè’s upholstered beds come in various sizes and configurations, all of which can be fully customised with the wide range of Alf DaFrè covers.

Different ways of customising Alf DaFrè modern upholstered beds 

One of the fabrics most used for upholstered beds is leather, which adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the bedroom furniture. Beds upholstered in leather are an ideal choice for those looking for high quality luxury furniture. 

For those who love wood, upholstered wooden beds are an ideal choice for a warm, natural room. Thanks to the combination of wood and fabric, these upholstered double beds create a perfect harmony between natural materials and comfort. 

Upholstered beds therefore represent a versatile, high quality solution for furnishing the bedroom. Thanks to the vast range of fabrics, colours and models available, these beds adapt perfectly to any requirement, giving the room a comfortable, elegant and refined atmosphere.